With greater restraints within the NHS for the treatment of benign but unsightly skin lesions it is important that you feel confident that you are receiving the very best treatment from our clinic. Our team of clinicians have the qualifications and experience in performing minor surgical procedures and will ensure that the most appropriate treatment is offered. Histopathology is available from £110.

Common conditions that require treatment include

  • Moles

    Many people can find benign moles unsightly and wish to have them removed. These are most commonly removed under local anaesthetic following a small incision. A scar will be present but we endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

    Surgical excision of moles available from £140.

  • Skin Tags

    These are very common and can be found on any area of the body. These can be removed under local anaesthetic with a simple surgical procedure using electrosurgery.

    £80 (up to 5 or per small area) £10 per tag thereafter.

  • Others

    Some other skin blemishes and lesions can be treated such as seborrheic keratosis and cherry angioma, please contact us to discuss this further.

    Seborrhoeic keratosis £80 per lesion

    Cherry angioma £80 (up to 5) £5 per lesion after


  • Split earlobe repair

    Split or torn ear lobes (trauma or gauge increase) can be repaired under local anaesthetic in the clinic. It involves removing the skin between the torn portions of the earlobe and then repairing this with suture material. It is a fairly short procedure with a very short recovery.

    Split earlobe repair is available from £320.

    Procedures are undertaken in our fully equipped treatment room.

  • Cyst Removal

    Epidermoid cysts (sometimes referred to as sebaceous cysts) are a sac-like cyst just under the skin and sometimes can become infected. Cysts that form around hair follicles are called pilar cysts and are predominantly found on the head. Removal of these is by surgical incision to completely remove the sac and contents.

    Surgical excision cysts available from £250

  • Lipoma Removal

    Lipomas are small collections of fatty tissue. These can be surgically removed, however, an ultrasound scan is usually required to measure the size. If a lipoma is over 5cm, then removal usually is carried out by the General Surgical team on the NHS.

    Surgical excision lipoma available from £250

Other minor surgery treatments available

In addition to the treatment of cosmetic skin lesions we are also able to offer

  • Therapeutic steroid injections from £140

  • Removal of sutures from £20

  • Removal of implant contraceptive devices from £40

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